Workforce Development

Our workforce development initiative is focused on building a skilled, diverse, and engaged workforce. Based out of The PIER, our workforce engagement programs are evidence-based to identify future high demand skills, upskilling and re-skilling needs.

The work we are doing supports an industry that is evolving to become more economically, environmentally, socially, and culturally sustainable and respectful.


Work Integrated Learning at the PIER


Resources for Educators:

  Logistics Challenge Presentation – How can digital technology help to manage the complexities of logistics planning?
  Logistics Challenge 
  Students on Ice Foundation Blue Futures Pathways Learning Modules


Upcoming Events:

May 31 – CMOS Congress – ‘More than Ideology and Innovation: A discussion on equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA) in the ocean sector.’ – Dr. Sherry Scully presenting

Meet the Workforce Development Team:


To get in contact with our Workforce Development team please reach out to Dr. Sherry Scully. [email protected]