March 9, 2022, Halifax, Nova Scotia – B-Line, a state-of-the-art workplace management and contact tracing platform, announced today its collaboration with The PIER (Port Innovation, Engagement, and Research), Canada’s first living lab for transportation, supply chain, and logistics.

According to the Government of Nova Scotia, “Businesses and organizations need to follow the Health Protection Act Order and their sector-specific plans. They also need to follow Occupational Health and Safety COVID-19 Guidelines: Masks and Respirators in Non-healthcare Workplaces (PDF), Occupational Health and Safety COVID-19 Guidelines: Work-isolation (PDF), public health measures and guidance for workplace safety.”

B-Line has experienced significant growth over the last year helping organizations protect the health and safety of employees while helping them transition to a hybrid work model. As a global Centre of Excellence for research and collaboration in port innovation, planning, and strategy, The PIER is the newest organization to implement B-Line’s modern infectious disease prevention and workplace management platform with its staff and visitors.

In addition to helping The PIER help protect their employees’ safety, B-Line helps building managers make data-driven decisions through the use of mobile devices, access controls, and occupancy sensors.

“Having the opportunity to work alongside a Halifax-based start-up like B-Line is beneficial to our members. By using the B-Line phone application, members have easy access into The PIER,” said Andrew Black, Executive Director, The PIER.  “This application also ensures the safety of members as we adapt to the new normal of work. The PIER is a living lab, and having B-Line test, learn, and grow from within this space is exactly what The PIER is designed for.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC), a federal contracting entity, previously awarded B-Line a fixed-cost, fixed-term contract to further develop and test contact tracing and facilities management modules in anticipation of the post-pandemic return-to-work. As part of the contract, B-Line partnered with Canada’s Center of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) to test and evaluate the solution across four domains: functionality, innovation, performance, and cybersecurity.

“The contact tracing and social distance management markets are expected to grow to $30 billion in the next five years,” said Shawn Kahandaliyanage, Director of Customer Solutions Engineering at CENGN. “To see a promising Canadian early-stage entrant like B-Line in this emerging field is exciting for the Canadian innovation community. By focusing on key differentiators of their solution, B-Line has the potential to succeed in this competitive market.”

Having integrated their system in multiple office spaces across North America, the key to B-Line’s success has been their ability to provide employees and organizations with the tools to make accurate data-driven decisions around workplace optimization while ensuring occupant confidence to manage the transition to hybrid work.

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About B-Line:

 B-Line is a Canadian tech company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. B-Line has created an end-to-end facilities management and emergency alert platform that helps asset managers and employers prevent the spread of infectious disease in the workplace through capacity monitoring, contactless entry, and by collecting highly accurate location data that identifies possible chains of transmission as well as predictive analytics to limit the spread of infectious disease.

B-Line enables building owners and organizations to assess the risk of their portfolio and make data-driven decisions to protect building occupants and ensure tenant safety. Tenants are also able to instantly communicate directly with building managers through real-time messaging and in-app surveys to ensure occupant satisfaction and confidence in the safety of their workplace.

Beyond the data needed for infectious disease prevention, B-Line enhances a facility’s operations and helps to reimagine workplaces with spatial utilization data based on occupant’s usage to optimize facilities and reduce ongoing operating costs.

Product Services:

  • Building access control and capacity monitoring
  • Contact tracing and emergency alert platform
  • Predictive analytics and outbreak assessment tool
  • Mobile meeting and room booking
  • Real-time spatial usage and optimization


About The PIER:

 The PIER is a global showcase for sector innovation in transportation, supply chain and logistics. Through bringing together a complementary mix of operating partners, innovators, tech companies and researchers, The PIER creates a context where partners collaborate and innovate to tackle persistent industry problems that no one party can solve.

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For more information, please contact Aaron Short, B-Line Founder and CEO by email at, or by phone at 416-305-7858.