Welcome to our speaker series! The Ocean Allies speaker series aims to connect you with experts in equity, diversity, and inclusion topics to support you and Canada’s ocean sector!

What we’ll do: The first half of the session will begin with Sherry and Eddy opening the session with a presentation on Workforce Development, followed by an open Q&A session! The second half of the session will give you an opportunity to network with Stephanie, and people within Canada’s ocean sector.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Sherry Scully is the Director of Workforce Development at The PIER, a living lab located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sherry specializes in Organizational development, including workforce development, change management and learning and development.

Eddy Carvery III, is Implementation Lead for the ANS Pathways to Port Careers Project at The PIER. Eddy’s focus is on engaging youth, mid-career talent, and entrepreneurs from the ANS community, in port and port-adjacent careers.

We invite you to come to listen & learn from Sherry and Eddy as they speak on YOUR role in diversity, equity & inclusion, hosted by the Ocean Allies Speaker Series.

Join the conversation via zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87065740621

Register for the event here!

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The Ocean Allies speaker series is brought to you by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster.